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The Future of P&C Insurance Distribution

July 12 2018 | Mark Breading

How much will the distribution of P&C insurance change in the next five years? This is anything but an academic question. Insurers, agents/brokers, and tech companies are all trying to read the tea leaves to position for success in a changing environment.

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An Omni-Channel Disaster: A Cautionary Tale

June 05 2018 | Mark Breading

The case for omni-channel capabilities is compelling. We are in an age where customers have many options for communicating. And the companies that can best provide them with capabilities to connect anytime, anywhere, via any method will increasingly be the winners.

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A Tale of Three Industries: Profiles in the Customer Experience

May 08 2018 | Mark Breading

Every industry wants to improve the experiences they provide to their customers. And perhaps more than any other area of business, companies are looking to other industries for examples, case studies, and lessons learned. Recent personal experiences with three industries highlighted how experiences have changed and how different they can be.

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Top Tech Mega-Trends With Big Implications for Insurance

April 12 2018 | Mark Breading

It used to be common to say that “technology is marching forward, improving business and society.” But today, it would be more accurate to say that technology is sprinting forward – with progress at breakneck speed and breakthroughs happening in multiple fields on a regular basis.

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Is the InsurTech Movement Maturing?

April 05 2018 | Mark Breading

The investment and activity related to the InsurTech movement that began about 4-5 years ago show few signs of abating. If anything, the movement is transitioning into a new phase. But before even evaluating whether InsurTech is maturing, it is important to set some definitions and boundaries.

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Key Strategic Initiatives Are Transforming P&C Personal Lines

February 28 2018 | Mark Breading

Property/casualty personal lines are under pressure unlike any other time in history. The risk landscape is evolving as some circumstances result in increased losses (distracted driving, increased CATs), while others hold the promise to dramatically reduce risk (autonomous vehicles, the IoT). Customer expectations and demands continue to change.

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Insurer Strategies in 2018: The New Balancing Act

February 05 2018 | Mark Breading

Senior executives at insurance companies, like their peers in other industries, are charged with developing and executing the right set of strategies that will lead to success. In years past, strategists at insurance companies have had at their disposal a relatively standard array of strategies to choose from, their job...

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Distracted Living: What It Means for Insurance

January 29 2018 | Mark Breading

One important trend in society over the past decade is our increasing ability to create and consume a seemingly unlimited amount of digital content. Whether the content is for information, entertainment, or commerce, the result is that most people are staring at screens of various sizes and swiping, typing, pinching,...

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Top 10 Lists from CES2018

January 15 2018 | Mark Breading

CES (formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show), has become the biggest tech event in the world. CES2018 is so massive that there could probably be fifty different Top 10 lists. Here are just a few of mine that I hope you will find interesting and useful. 

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CES2018: Perspectives on the Future of Mobility

January 12 2018 | Mark Breading

The way that people and goods move around in the future will be very different from what we are used to today. In fact, a number of technologies and demographic/sociological factors are going to converge to create a new era of mobility.

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