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P&C Distribution: Blending Traditional and New Models

November 03 2020 | Mark Breading

A great deal of activity is underway by insurers investigating or implementing new distribution channels. For every line of business across P&C, there are compelling reasons to expand distribution beyond the tried and true channels. This is not to say that agent/broker channels or the direct distribution models are less...

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Which AI Technologies Are Most Valuable for P&C Personal Lines?

October 22 2020 | Mark Breading

Artificial intelligence technologies are everywhere. The great leap forward in AI over the past decade has come along with an explosion of new tech companies, AI deployment across almost every industry sector, and AI capabilities behind the scenes in billions of intelligent devices around the world.

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P&C Insurers Shift Course as the Pandemic Continues

October 07 2020 | Mark Breading

When will the COVID-19 pandemic end? Will it end? P&C insurers, like all other business sectors, are faced with a time of unprecedented uncertainty. There are always multiple external factors to consider when developing strategies and adjusting ongoing plans.

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Reflections on InsurTech and the Pandemic

September 21 2020 | Mark Breading

Much has already been written about the implications of the pandemic, the related economic activity, and how they will affect the InsurTech movement. As usual, there are a wide range of opinions. Will InsurTech be one of the casualties of COVID-19? Or will the dramatic change to work and life...

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Transformational Technologies in P&C During the COVID Era

September 15 2020 | Mark Breading

Technologies like machine learning, the IoT, RPA, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) were hot topics in P&C insurance before the world was turned upside down in 2020 due to the pandemic. These and many other “transformational” technologies have great potential for insurers in the rethinking and optimization of distribution, underwriting,...

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New Digital Communications in Insurance: Options for Prospects, Producers, and Policyholders

August 24 2020 | Mark Breading

The options for digital communications keep expanding. Insurer’s mobile interactions with prospects, producers, and policyholders have become common, while methods like e-mail, web portals, and even fax are extensively used. Now, there is a whole new world of messaging platforms, chatbots, business texting, voice assistants, and more.

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Biggest Insurance Disruptor: Lemonade or Tesla?

July 27 2020 | Mark Breading

I’ve never been a big fan of the term disruption. I believe that in the InsurTech world, a majority of the startups are partnering with incumbents to enable industry transformation. They are catalysts for change, to be sure. But few are truly turning the industry on its head.

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Digital Communications in Insurance: Managing the Expanding Options

July 16 2020 | Mark Breading

Most P&C insurers have gradually expanded their options for digitally communicating with prospects, policyholders, producers, and employees. As the industry moves beyond the web, portals, and email, there is a growing recognition that a whole new world of digital communications options can be applied in insurance.

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Strategic Planning for Insurance in the COVID-19 Era

June 19 2020 | Mark Breading

No one will mistake 2020 for just another year. The turmoil caused by the pandemic, lockdowns, and social unrest is unlike any other year. Businesses, individuals, and governments have all been forced to make dramatic changes and adapt to new realities.

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The New Era of Geocoding: The Key to Advantage in Property Underwriting

June 01 2020 | Mark Breading

In the real estate market, it is often said that the three most important factors are location, location, and location. A similar argument could be made for insurance property underwriting. Of course, the attributes of the property itself are important – and there is a lot of buzz in the...

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