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Analytics in L&A: The Pace Accelerates and the Scope Expands

October 21 2014 | Mark Breading

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Big Data Takes Off in Insurance

September 10 2014 | Mark Breading

Big data is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics in business and technology today. Everywhere you turn there are discussions about the potential of big data and analytics to transform businesses and whole industries. SMA’s new research report, Big Data in Insurance: Insurer Priorities, Projects, and Investment Plans for 2014...

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Managing Policy Documents: Options and Approaches for Insurers

August 06 2014 | Mark Breading

Producing policy related documents is a foundational capability that every insurer must have. In the early days of automation, the policy administration system was really the only option for creating the policy declaration pages, endorsements, renewal letters, bills, and other customer documents.

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Analytics in P&C: Top Projects Predictable, but the Game is Changing

June 18 2014 | Mark Breading

It's no secret that many insurers view analytics as a critical tool for improving profitability and driving growth. There is already widespread usage of traditional business intelligence and advanced analytics, and a flurry of new projects that are underway or on the horizon for most insurers.

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Insurers Invest in New 3CM* Projects to Enhance the Customer Experience

May 29 2014 | Mark Breading

There are a number of factors that influence the customer experience in insurance, and many of them are visible through the touches an insurer or agent has with the policyholder. These touches typically involve documents, correspondence, voice communications, and web interactions.

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Life and Annuity Insurers Investing in Customers and Core

March 07 2014 | Mark Breading

We’ve just released a new research study, identifying the top 10 business application projects and the top 10 technology projects for L&A insurers. The study, 2014 Insurance Ecosystem: L&A Insurer Business Applications and Technology Projects, is based on a survey of insurers in North American representing all lines of business...

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Insurance IT Spending Continues Upward Trend

January 23 2014 | Mark Breading

We’ve just completed our fifth annual ecosystem research study, 2014 Insurance Ecosystem: Insurer Technology Spending, Drivers, and Projects, and it is worth some reflection on how things have changed over the last five years. In general, the investments in technology tend to follow the state of the economy and the...

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Customer Experience Energy - SMA Prediction for 2014

January 09 2014 | Mark Breading

It’s no secret that insurers are increasingly focusing on improving the customer and agent experience. Over the last two years, we have witnessed new executive appointments and many strategy projects related to the customer and agent experience.

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The Top 5 Next-Gen Tech Trends in Insurance

November 30 2013 | Mark Breading

Next generation technologies play a vital role in insurers’ strategies and plans. Far from being an intellectual pursuit or an interesting trend in other industries, many insurers view advanced technologies as critical to satisfying the needs of customers and agents, running an efficient and profitable business, and providing a competitive...

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Differentiate: Look to Other Industries to Gain Advantage

October 04 2013 | Mark Breading

Aside from gaining market edge among insurance competitors, look to outside industries to gain best practices for advantage within. At our recent SMA Summit: Innovate for Advantage, I facilitated a panel discussion on Customer Experience with Hugh Anderson, Senior Industry Principal, SAP Financial Services/Insurance; Brian Piccolo, Director, Digital Strategic Services...

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