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Autonomous Vehicles Keeping You Awake at Night? You’ve Got the Wrong Problem.

February 07 2017 | Karen Pauli

A good number of prognosticators are loudly heralding the end of auto insurance and the insurers that rely on this income stream – due to the arrival of autonomous vehicles. While there is no doubt that auto insurance will change over time due to autonomous vehicles, the doomsday folks paint...

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The Broadening Horizon of Analytics in Core: How Acquisitions Are Reshaping the Landscape

February 02 2017 | Karen Pauli

With last week’s announcement that Insurity has acquired Valen Analytics, the core and analytics landscape has changed again. We have been tracking M&A activity and outside investments in the core systems space for some time, and the past year has seen a marked trend toward the acquisition of data and...

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Got Transformation Anxiety? Cross 7 Bridges and Call Me in the Morning!

January 17 2017 | Karen Pauli

I don’t like bridges – particularly, those high bridges with long expanses. Crossing a bridge makes my stomach do flip flops, I hear the blood rushing in my ears, and from time to time, I see little dots dancing before my eyes.

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Happy New Year? For Some Agents – Yes. Others – No

December 20 2016 | Karen Pauli

For many people, the arrival of the New Year heralds the promise of achieving bigger and better things, reaching new heights, and perhaps accomplishing things in the new year that weren’t done in the prior year.

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Why You Shouldn’t Hide From InsurTech on a Caribbean Island or ... InsurTech Takes Aim at Personal Lines Distribution

December 07 2016 | Karen Pauli

If you have gone three days without seeing the term “InsurTech,” well, you are probably on a remote Caribbean island with no means of connecting to the outside insurance world. And putting your head in the sand on some nice island might sound tempting, because InsurTech is exciting, but terrifying...

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Why Agent Connectivity is a Tipping Point for Commercial Lines Insurers

November 01 2016 | Karen Pauli

It is no secret to commercial lines insurers that the market is hyper-competitive and has been so for years. There is very little to suggest that this is going to change.  But there are other changes afoot, as evidenced by the new entrants, from the ranks of both traditional insurers...

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Five Scary Reasons Why Insurers Should Not Delay Enterprise BI and Data Warehouse Decisions

October 28 2016 | Karen Pauli

It is Halloween time, and it seems appropriate to blog about something thematic. Among other things, Halloween conjures up visions of scary things. Usually, the word “scary” isn’t used to describe insurance writings, but there is a twist on one important question that can be as frightening as things that...

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Why Customer Experience Should Not Be the Reason for Arm Wrestling

August 01 2016 | Karen Pauli

When I was a kid growing up in Wisconsin, arm wrestling was a big deal. I am not exactly certain why that was the case, but my guess is that it was because the winters in Wisconsin are really long and really cold.

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