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In Claims, All Roads Lead to Innovation

August 04 2016 | Karen Furtado

Claims is making great progress on the innovation journey. Over the past few years, claims organizations have been adopting a more innovative culture that furthers their progress in the areas of efficiency, effectiveness, and customer experience.

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Cloud/Hosted Core Systems Reach a Tipping Point in 2015

July 08 2016 | Karen Furtado

Core in the cloud is a hot topic that has garnered a lot of interest and an equal amount of debate as insurers confront the challenges that the digital world brings to our industry, and certainly, insurers’ use of cloud has increased.

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The SMA Innovation in Action Awards: Honoring Next-Gen Insurers

June 21 2016 | Karen Furtado

As the June 30th deadline approaches for the 2016 SMA Innovation in Action Award submissions, let’s take a look back at our insurer winners from 2015: Haven Life Insurance Agency, John Hancock, and USAA. Their innovative projects and initiatives have demonstrated how they are rethinking and reinventing the business of...

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Insurity and Tropics: The Acquisition Trend Continues

June 16 2016 | Karen Furtado

Big news hit the wire this week with Insurity acquiring Tropics Software Technologies. This acquisition builds on the expansion of Insurity’s offerings that followed the acquisition of Oceanwide last year. This transaction is one more example of how M&A activity is changing the insurance core system landscape.

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Another Week, Another Acquisition in the Core Space

June 01 2016 | Karen Furtado

Duck Creek Technologies and APAX Partners are not wasting any time to deliver expanded capabilities with the acquisition of Agencyport. This acquisition is a great compliment of strategic digital capabilities to a leader in the core suite platform.  So is this a new trend in the core space with other...

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Impact of Private Equity in Insurance: The Accenture and Apax Partners Transaction

April 19 2016 | Karen Furtado

The insurance industry is abuzz with the recent announcement of a joint venture between Accenture and Apax Partners, a private equity group, to further develop Duck Creek solutions into end-to-end, cloud-based core systems. Significant outside capital has become a game changer in the industry in general, but this is a...

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Frozen In: What Insurers Can Learn from the Bedford Swans

February 12 2016 | Karen Furtado

Recently, I ran across a local news story that just might have some surprising applications for insurers. In early January, several swans in Bedford, MA had to be rescued from a frozen pond. As the temperature plunged overnight, the swans had become trapped in the ice.

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