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Innovation and Transformation – What’s the Difference Anyway?

March 31 2016 | Deb Smallwood

We often use innovation and transformation synonymously. Both words evoke thoughts of change and modernization. Both innovation and transformation are important outcomes of the change management life cycle. We know that innovation is occurring all around us, and in simple terms, it is finding new ways to improve or change...

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Post-Primary Perspectives for Insurers - Insights Into Interacting With Modern Insurance Customers

March 02 2016 | Deb Smallwood

Having just come through the Super Tuesday's Presidential Primaries and all of the associated media coverage, it made me reflect on how candidates interact with their constituencies and the lessons insurers can learn.

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Placing Bets on the Next Big Thing in Insurance

March 01 2016 | Deb Smallwood

Change is coming from all directions and with it comes both opportunity and peril. Companies outside the insurance industry are placing their bets on what they believe will be "the next big thing" that will be a success and revolutionize the industry (and make them fortunes).

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Google Pivots, Shuts Down Google Compare—New Doors Open

February 24 2016 | Deb Smallwood

"The Google Compare service itself hasn’t driven the success we hoped for." Google Compare announced in an email to its partners that it would be shutting down its insurance and financial products comparison service tools in the US and UK as of March 23.

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