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October 28 2013 | Karen Furtado

Looking for ways to make your organization more proactive? Amica Mutual Insurance Company provides a great example of innovation and transformation in claims. Amica was recently awarded a prestigious SMA Innovation in Action Award at the 2013 SMA Summit: INNOVATE for ADVANTAGE in Boston. Using next-generation technologies including cloud and collaboration as well as analytics & big data, Amica improved service and accuracy, while decreasing loss adjustment expenses.

Keeping an eye on their goal of increasing both the speed and the quality of customer service delivery during and after catastrophes such as hailstorms, earthquakes, and wildfires, Amica integrated GIS technology (Esri ArcServer) into their existing claims management system (Guidewire ClaimCenter). This allows their claims handlers to quickly see the location of the insured risk and how the claim correlates with the location of the catastrophic event.

Equipped with real-time insight, Amica is able to provide more proactive service to policyholders. All branch managers and supervisors have access to this technology, allowing them to identify catastrophic events in real-time. With the ability to recognize the events before the first claim is reported, responses are quicker and service is delivered at a level that best matches the needs of their customers.

The claims analysis maps provide the ability to see all claims and policies in force for a particular event. Managers and supervisors are able to spot trends and handling deficiencies, and identify fraudulent claims. This has proven to be a powerful tool that can be used when evaluating a questionable claim. Giving managers and supervisors the ability to see how other nearby claims have been processed helps to ensure that claims are being handled consistently.

Armed with the ability to better understand the actual situation and the intelligence to initiate appropriate action, rather than wait and react, this insurer has been able to improve results by reducing both costs and loss expenses. The innovations implemented by Amica Mutual Insurance Company have resulted in a tremendous service enhancement, helping build trust and loyalty with policyholders.

SMA launched the SMA Innovation in Action Awards program to inspire, share, and recognize solutions that enable an insurance company to move beyond modernizing and optimizing to real innovation and transformation, ultimately creating differentiation and competitive advantage. The program spotlights both insurers and solution providers that have successfully implemented solutions that best leverage next generation technologies such as mobile, analytics & big data, social, cloud, collaboration, or telematics, or that reflect the spirit of innovation that is taking place.

Please contact me for any additional information about the award program or the 2013 winners.  I can be reached at kfurtado@strategymeetsaction.com or 978.239.2741.    


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