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An Omni-Channel Disaster: A Cautionary Tale

June 05 2018 | Mark Breading

The case for omni-channel capabilities is compelling. We are in an age where customers have many options for communicating. And the companies that can best provide them with capabilities to connect anytime, anywhere, via any method will increasingly be the winners.

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Cloud Takes a Starring Role in the New Core Systems Paradigm

May 31 2018 | Karen Furtado

Eight years ago, I was giving a talk on cloud at a conference. The first thing I had to do was explain what the cloud is. It’s a new world, isn’t it? Cloud is no longer for the digital giants, the InsurTechs, and the early adopters.

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To Be InsurTech or Not to Be InsurTech – Is No Longer the Question

May 24 2018 | Karen Pauli

It is probably a bit presumptuous to liken the InsurTech startup movement to Hamlet’s famous “To Be or Not to Be” soliloquy. It is, after all, a well-known and historical Shakespearean reference. However, the similarity is in the questions asked, and such a question has probably been asked prior to...

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When “Modern” Isn’t Enough: Personal Lines Core Systems for the Digitally Native

May 22 2018 | Karen Furtado

Insurers, I have some good news and some bad news. Insurers have made tremendous progress in core modernization, actively purchasing and implementing new core systems and beginning to adapt their businesses to take full advantage of modern core systems’ capabilities.

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10 Essential Actions for Your Digital Success

May 17 2018 | Deb Smallwood

Becoming a digital insurer is an essential requirement for being competitive in insurance today – but even more so for the future. Your digital strategy becomes the framework from which to leverage all other transformational initiatives, not only for the customer experience but for the employee and operational experiences as well.

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Convergence in Action: InsurTechs Meet Tech Incumbents in Core

May 15 2018 | Karen Furtado

One of the most pressing questions that has arisen from the InsurTech movement is this: Will InsurTech startups have a need to utilize the incumbent tech market’s capabilities? In the past three years, startups have been actively partnering with other startups, insurers, and tech incumbents.

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A Tale of Three Industries: Profiles in the Customer Experience

May 08 2018 | Mark Breading

Every industry wants to improve the experiences they provide to their customers. And perhaps more than any other area of business, companies are looking to other industries for examples, case studies, and lessons learned. Recent personal experiences with three industries highlighted how experiences have changed and how different they can be.

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Looking at the Insurance World Through Digital Transformation Glasses

April 26 2018 | Deb Smallwood

Extraordinary change is taking place throughout the insurance industry and everything that surrounds it. The whole world is going digital. It’s the new reality, and there is no getting around it. But just the word or even the idea of digital has many people, insurers included, pondering the basic and...

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Innovation, Optional? Not Anymore

April 24 2018 | Karen Furtado

Innovation was not a word commonly used within insurance companies seven years ago. The good news – the world has changed! Innovation is now flourishing throughout the insurance industry. Since Strategy Meets Action founded the SMA Innovation in Action Awards for insurers and solution providers in 2012, innovation has assumed...

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Top Tech Mega-Trends With Big Implications for Insurance

April 12 2018 | Mark Breading

It used to be common to say that “technology is marching forward, improving business and society.” But today, it would be more accurate to say that technology is sprinting forward – with progress at breakneck speed and breakthroughs happening in multiple fields on a regular basis.

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