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Time to Shift from Business/IT Alignment to Business/IT Alliance

February 12 2014 | Deb Smallwood

There is no question that alignment between the views and actions of business and IT professionals is critical for synchronizing strategies, priorities, and implementation – hence the commonly used term ‘Business/IT Alignment.’ However, the word align implies that there are two separate and distinct paths that need to be arranged...

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2014 Prediction: The Dawn of a New Future

February 05 2014 | Denise Garth

Without a doubt, 2014 will be a pivotal year for the insurance industry – the dawning of a new future, reshaped more quickly than expected by powerful influencers such as customer-driven expectations, outside industry impact, and the increased speed of introduction and adoption of next-gen and emerging technologies.

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Google and Insurance

January 31 2014 | Denise Garth

Google has really ratcheted up the innovation momentum they started 2-3 years ago by broadening their digital, mobile, and data presence, and in doing so has raised the potential impact on the insurance industry. These developments continue to push Google forward in their innovation journey, moving them well beyond their...

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High Priority on Core among L&A Insurers

January 24 2014 | Karen Furtado

Our recent research investigating plans and priorities among life and annuity insurers provided some interesting perspectives. It’s not surprising that core is important, but what is remarkable is the level of progress that is being made in transforming from legacy to modern policy administration systems. While 40% say they are...

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Insurance IT Spending Continues Upward Trend

January 23 2014 | Mark Breading

We’ve just completed our fifth annual ecosystem research study, 2014 Insurance Ecosystem: Insurer Technology Spending, Drivers, and Projects, and it is worth some reflection on how things have changed over the last five years. In general, the investments in technology tend to follow the state of the economy and the...

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Will 2014 be the Year Data and Analytics Acquisitions Set a Path for Innovation?

January 20 2014 | Denise Garth

2014 is continuing the trend of software and data provider acquisitions, but with a twist that may lay the foundation for innovation in the industry.

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Customer Experience Energy - SMA Prediction for 2014

January 09 2014 | Mark Breading

It’s no secret that insurers are increasingly focusing on improving the customer and agent experience. Over the last two years, we have witnessed new executive appointments and many strategy projects related to the customer and agent experience.

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Collaboration Impact - SMA Prediction for 2014

January 09 2014 | Mary Ann Garwood

In my view, collaboration will have a major impact on the insurance industry in 2014. We’ll see collaboration capabilities and cultures distinguishing the leaders from the followers, the winners from the losers. Technology-based capabilities such as videoconferencing, chat, texting, workflow routing, desktop management, document and screen sharing, content and information...

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Core = More - SMA Prediction for 2014

January 09 2014 | Karen Furtado

Without a doubt, I see 2014 as the year when there is real evidence that investments in core are delivering more. There is no debate about the fact that modern policy, billing, and claims systems provide the foundation that is needed to optimize and innovate.

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Transformation and Innovation Tipping Point - SMA Prediction for 2014

January 09 2014 | Deb Smallwood

I see 2014 as a tipping point year. This is the year we'll see transformation and innovation take a firm hold in insurance. We'll see renewed energy and enthusiasm as the majority of insurers embrace and capitalize on the power that transformation and innovation hold for this industry.

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