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Create and Share the Future - Before it is Defined for Us

July 08 2014 | Denise Garth

Once again, IASA was a busy and engaging event for the insurance industry. With a record number of exhibitors, strong attendance, engaging sessions, and a headline keynote speaker, the participants were provided with a great opportunity to garner insights into the challenges and opportunities of our industry.

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Brave New World

June 26 2014 | Denise Garth

Inspired. Extraordinary. Insightful. Transformative. Innovative. These are the words describing what I heard, saw, and experienced at the recent MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, titled Lead Your Digital Enterprise Forward: Are you Ready for the Next Digital Revolution? The symposium had over 700 business and IT leaders, from a wide range...

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Analytics in P&C: Top Projects Predictable, but the Game is Changing

June 18 2014 | Mark Breading

It's no secret that many insurers view analytics as a critical tool for improving profitability and driving growth. There is already widespread usage of traditional business intelligence and advanced analytics, and a flurry of new projects that are underway or on the horizon for most insurers.

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Embrace the Power of Open Innovation and an Ecosystem to Re-imagine Insurance

June 03 2014 | Denise Garth

Innovation ecosystem. Open innovation. The combination of these two empowers the collaboration and the sharing of knowledge, information, and ideas that are accelerating innovation today, helping to reimagine industries and companies.

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Insurers Invest in New 3CM* Projects to Enhance the Customer Experience

May 29 2014 | Mark Breading

There are a number of factors that influence the customer experience in insurance, and many of them are visible through the touches an insurer or agent has with the policyholder. These touches typically involve documents, correspondence, voice communications, and web interactions.

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Some Heard and Imagined the Potential: AXA and Facebook Reimagining Insurance

April 28 2014 | Denise Garth

The reactions and responses to the SMA blog “The Shot Heard Around the Industry: AXA and Facebook” have been very interesting and enlightening. It has had very polarized reactions ... from some that envision and imagine the potential, and from others that only see today’s view of Facebook and insurance.

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The Shot Heard Around the Industry: AXA and Facebook Reimagining Insurance

April 14 2014 | Denise Garth

What a stunner and brilliant outside-in move by AXA – to position themselves as a dominant digital insurance company by partnering with Facebook! You baseball fans will know the phrase, “the shot heard round the world,” which was said about the game-winning home run by a New York Giants player...

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Next-Gen Insurer: Fueled by Innovation

April 14 2014 | Denise Garth

Innovation is a crucial strategic mandate that is defining a new era of winners and losers. From retail to entertainment and everything in between, decades of business traditions and assumptions are toppling due to change – change that runs the gamut from customer behaviors and expectations to the use of...

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Striking a Nerve in the Insurance Industry: Google and Insurance

March 19 2014 | Denise Garth

To say we struck a nerve in the industry with the Google and Insurance: Far Reaching Implications research is an understatement! It was picked up by all the major industry media – in some cases multiple times.

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What’s Happening in Commercial Lines Underwriting Automation?

March 18 2014 | Deb Smallwood

Insurers are paying closer attention to how they can automate commercial lines underwriting – not just the simple risks that some have already highly automated today, but the very complex and specialty risks as well. They are looking at sophisticated functionality that extends beyond what a policy administration system can...

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