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Insurance Wake-Up Call: Embrace the Shared Economy Opportunities

December 10 2014 | Denise Garth

Disruptive influencers and levers of change are surrounding the insurance industry at an increasing speed and intensity that is challenging industry practices, assumptions, and business models. One of those outside-the-industry and economic influencers is the shared economy, recently highlighted in the SMA research brief, Crowdsourcing and Open Innovation: Powering the...

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The Internet of Things: Inspiring the Next Generation

November 20 2014 | Denise Garth

In the technology world, there seems to be something new and different every day. In order to gain and keep a competitive advantage in insurance, Next-Gen Insurers must be equipped with (a) strategies that track and assess trends in new and emerging technologies, (b) an ecosystem to bring forward new...

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Innovation in Insurance: Expanding Focus and Growing Momentum

November 12 2014 | Denise Garth

With today’s fast pace of change, innovation is no longer a nice-to-have initiative, but rather a must-have strategic, core mandate that is defining a new era for insurance – and separating future winners and losers. Today, it is not any one thing that is creating change, but it is the...

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Is Price Optimization Really a Dirty Word?

September 30 2014 | Monique Hesseling

There seems to be a lot of misperception about what price optimization really is, largely driven by publicized assumptions that it will only serve the best interests of the company and hurt the consumer. Basically, price optimization boils down to applying analytics to available information in order to develop more...

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Made in China

September 22 2014 | Denise Garth

The dawn of a new industry and the Next-Gen Insurer is unfolding, influenced by levers of change from within and outside the industry, accelerated by an explosion of data and new technologies, and fueled by innovation.

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Big Data Takes Off in Insurance

September 10 2014 | Mark Breading

Big data is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics in business and technology today. Everywhere you turn there are discussions about the potential of big data and analytics to transform businesses and whole industries. SMA’s new research report, Big Data in Insurance: Insurer Priorities, Projects, and Investment Plans for 2014...

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