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Why Automation in P&C Creates the Need for More Human Experts

October 15 2021 | Mark Breading

The P&C industry has been on an automation path for many years. When the pandemic hit, it became a catalyst for accelerating automation and digital transformation. Straight-through processing, self-service portals, virtual inspections, and digital payments are just a few of the areas that insurers put a sharper focus on.

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How UBI (Almost) Turned Me into a Dangerous Driver

October 11 2021 | Deanna Breading, Guest Author

I’m a senior citizen. My now-grown kids used to chide me for hardly ever reaching the speed limit even before my hair turned gray and the wrinkles stopped disappearing when my smile faded. So, my pedal-to-the-metal foot had gone into storage long before usage-based insurance (UBI) became widely available and...

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InsureTech Connect 2021: It’s all about the people

October 08 2021 | Mark Breading

Participating in ITC2021 was a blast! It was great to see so many people in person for the first time in a couple of years. But aside from the joy everyone was experiencing in just being together, there was a very serious undercurrent to the event.

Tags: insurtech

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The P&C Claims Adjuster Role is Dead. Long Live the Claims Adjuster!

September 17 2021 | Mark Breading

Decades ago, a refrain began that predicted the death of the insurance agent. The Internet was going to cut out the middleman! Disintermediation would result in the demise of the traditional insurance agent! But here we are – years later – and distribution intermediaries such as agents, brokers, wholesalers, and...

Tags: Claims

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Personal Lines Distribution: Digital Capabilities Continue to Evolve and Expand

September 09 2021 | Mark Breading

Within the insurance industry, the personal lines sector has frequently been the pioneer in building and enhancing digital capabilities. With increasing demands from both policyholders and distribution partners for digital solutions, technology innovation was and remains imperative to both staying relevant and increasing market share.

Tags: Distribution, Personal Lines

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Mid/Large Commercial Distribution: Digital Capabilities on the Rise

September 01 2021 | Mark Breading

Traditionally, success in the middle-market and large commercial segments relied on deep expertise regarding customer risks and deep relationships with a network of distributors with access to those markets. Those capabilities are still fundamental to success, but lately, the carriers’ digital capabilities have become increasingly essential in these markets.

Tags: Distribution

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The Distribution Technology Journey for Small Commercial: Are We There Yet?

August 06 2021 | Mark Breading

How far along are commercial lines carriers in delivering digital solutions to their agents and other distribution partners? Answering that question depends on whether you are a glass half-empty or glass half-full type of person. The pessimist might say: Despite huge investments in technology over the past few decades, there...

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Personal Lines Insurers Tech Plans and the Pandemic: Significant Reshaping and Acceleration

July 31 2021 | Mark Breading

The traditionally stable P&C personal lines insurance industry has been shaken up due to the pandemic. Insurers have been used to adjusting to economic swings and catastrophes that affect volumes and financials. Those kinds of adjustments are business as usual for the industry.

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The Pulse Quickens for Commercial Lines Tech: A Post-Pandemic View

July 29 2021 | Mark Breading

The past 18 months have been interesting (to say the least) for anyone involved in technology strategy, planning, or implementation. Ideally, a roadmap with prioritized projects and defined resource allocations directs the activity, and the company stays relatively true to its path.

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Personal Lines Channel Plans: It’s Complicated

July 16 2021 | Mark Breading

When most insurance industry observers think of the channel strategies for personal lines, the picture appears to be fairly simple. More of the business is moving to direct distribution approaches, whether that is through call centers or the web. Furthermore, there is a clear movement to digital, straight-through processing.

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