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2018 11 Conversion Sponsor Newsletter Hortonworks


With all the hype around InsurTech startups and innovation – data has to be front and center. 

Data is the cornerstone of our industry. It is required to run operations, execute transactions, provide service to our customers, and improve business decisioning. In many cases, it is changing the nature of insurance risks. As we expand the use of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and IoT, new data is required and additional data is generated. Data strategies that go beyond transactional warehouses, data marts, and operational stores are essential in this digital connected world.

Attend this webinar and hear from Cindy Maike, one of the leading Data Strategists in insurance. She will present the “whys, whats, and hows” of creating a data vision and strategy for your company, one that will deliver a data platform to help weave all of the various sources of data into the fabric of your company – a requirement for future success.


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