Digital Insurer

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation involves rethinking an insurer’s value proposition and business model. To pursue a digital vision, companies must embrace customer solutions that are enriched by data and analytics and delivered as a seamless, personalized experience from start to finish.

Digital is a way of doing things, enabled by current and emerging technologies and devices – today's primary means of engagement and automation. Today, it is foundational to any successful business.


Three Phases of Your Digital Journey

Insurers typically start the journey by digitizing assets and then digitizing the experience, both necessary steps leading into the final phase of digital transformation. Figure 1 describes the three phases of the transformation journey.

3 Phases Maturity

How to Get Started

SMA has experience in assisting insurers with digital strategies. We provide guidance in assessing your digital strategy and current capabilities, conducting an assessment against market leader/best practices, and developing a digital strategy including a strategic roadmap and plan.

Our services leverage SMA’s insights and research to deliver an overall digital customer roadmap by focusing on your current and future business and technology capabilities and your baseline and future-state transformational capabilities. The scope typically includes policyholder, agent/broker, and internal – to create a comprehensive digital strategy across the enterprise.

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