The Evolution of MGAs: Strong Relationships Are No Longer Enough

October 19 2022 | Heather Turner

Today's Managing General Agencies (MGAs) and Managing General Underwriters (MGUs) look vastly different than they did ten years ago. The InsurTech boom brought new tech capabilities to the space, including digital and analytics platforms, that have evolved the services MGAs/MGUs are able to offer. As a result, new business models have also emerged. Suffice it to say that there is no cookie-cutter way to establish an MGA these days.

HTBlog101922 350x250SMA has spent the past decade tracking over 100 startup MGA/MGU entities, in addition to observing the developments at incumbent MGAs that are taking their offerings to the next level amid increased competition. New SMA research uncovers the six different InsurTech MGA business models that new entrants are pursuing today. Each model's focus ranges from MGAs that deploy line-or segment-focused businesses to serve niche markets, such as cyber or flood specialists, to MGAs designed to enable carriers to offer new, innovative products through digital channels.

In addition to the InsurTech models, SMA's market analysis also sheds light on incumbent and traditional MGAs that have served the market for many years. Faced with new challenges, including changing customer expectations and increased competition, incumbent MGAs realize that relationships are no longer enough to stand out in a field of rivals.

These models illustrate the evolution of MGAs in recent years, and SMA expects further developments to unfold as transformation continues in the sector, including:

  • Growth in MGA premiums,
  • Continuation of new MGA launches,
  • Increased M&A activity among MGAs, brokers, and carriers, and
  • Expansion into new product lines/segments.

What's clear is that MGAs bring tremendous value to insurance transactions, and new entrants are elevating services by driving innovation, conceptualizing new products, and creating more and more specialization. The variety in MGA business models emerging across the segment will help foster a healthy and vibrant market that will continue for years to come.

For more information on business models within the MGA/MGU property & casualty insurance market, read SMA's recently published research report, "MGA/MGU Business Models: The Evolution of MGAs in P&C Insurance."

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