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Insurance 2030 Scenario Planning Thumbnail

Insurance 2030: The Future Isn’t What It Used to Be

The pandemic has changed everything. Well, not everything… but it has changed many aspects of the lives of individuals and families and has had far-reaching effects on businesses in every industry. The patterns that represent the ebb and flow of daily life have been altered significantly.

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The Digital Journey of Personal Lines Insurers

Personal lines insurers experienced the disruption and change of 2020 like the rest of the world. Most were already on digital transformation journeys before the pandemic but the tumultuous events of last year caused many to reprioritize digital projects and change the shape of their transformation journeys.

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SPAC-Mania, M&A, and InsurTech Investment: Understanding the “Why”

The past six to twelve months in insurance have seen a historic level of activity for mergers and acquisitions, new investments, and public offerings. It seems like every type of entity in the insurance world has been swept up in this trend.

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2021 CL Digital Projects Thumbnail

The Digital Journey of Commercial Lines Insurers

Commercial lines insurers are moving forward on their digital journeys, spurred by customer demands and the acceleration of digital capabilities in the world at large. In earlier phases of the industry’s digital journey, all the attention was on personal lines.

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Insurance 2030: Scenarios for the Future, Implications for Today

It can be difficult to think about the future when the demands of the day are so pressing. The pandemic and events of 2020 have caused seismic shifts in society, affecting everyday patterns, lifestyles, and business operations.

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Myth or Reality? The Pandemic Signals the End of Agents

With each new wave of technology over the past few decades, there have been many predictions that this is the end of agent distribution. You know the drill: “Technology can be so much more efficient and remove all that expense related to those human distributors.” I can remember back to...

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InsurTech 2020: Has the Pandemic Changed the Trajectory?

Right before the pandemic hit, I published a blog that reflected on the first decade of the InsurTech movement and made predictions for the decade starting with 2020. Little did I know that the world was about to plunge into chaos and fundamental change due to the global pandemic.

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P&C Personal Lines in 2021: How Are Insurer Strategies Changing?

Individuals with strategy and planning roles have had a busy time in 2020 adapting to the evolving realities of the pandemic and economic uncertainties. 2021 is likely to be more of the same for people in these roles. Entering into 2020, personal lines insurers were on a transformation path.

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P&C Commercial Lines in 2021: Innovation or Optimization?

The unexpected, unprecedented events of 2020 have turned the world upside down. Like every business sector, commercial lines insurance has had to adapt and adjust throughout the year. Many commercial lines insurers have experienced significant financial hits from the pandemic due to increased claims, lower business volumes, and the decreasing...

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P&C Claims: 4 Themes for the Future

Property and casualty claims is already one of the most dynamic, exciting, and important areas of the insurance business. Whether we are considering personal or commercial lines, or the auto, property, or casualty/medical areas, there is a lot going on.

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