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Today’s Leading P&C Claims InsurTechs: 20 Making a Difference

Anyone who says InsurTech is an up-and-coming space hasn’t been paying close enough attention. The InsurTech movement, which began around 2010, is long past its infancy and is both maturing and evolving. This is especially true in the P&C claims space, where companies are gaining traction and having a significant...

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Personal Lines Distribution: From Agents First to Agents Last?

Let me begin by saying I am a big fan of agents, and I believe they will play a vital role in personal lines distribution for a long time to come. Clearly, direct distribution models in personal lines, and the prominent companies that feature them, have gained traction and market...

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What are Insurers’ Top Talent Objectives in the Post-Pandemic Era?

The pandemic has altered life in so many ways over the past two years. And one change that will likely stick around for years to come is the new workforce dynamic. The competition to attract top talent is as fierce as ever as industries contend against the Great Resignation, the...

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P&C Personal Lines Insurers: Viewing Key Strategic Initiatives Through A New Lens

Personal lines insurers are no stranger to widespread digital transformation and innovation, having been at the forefront of these changes for the past decade. When the pandemic hit in 2020, personal lines insurers responded in different ways.

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How are P&C Commercial Insurers Progressing with Their Strategic Initiatives in 2022?

When the pandemic hit in 2020, many property and casualty commercial insurers had to pause, stabilize, and reprioritize their digital transformation plans amid lower business volumes, economic lockdowns, and an uncertain financial environment. But that all changed in 2021 as commercial insurers pressed the pedal to the metal to accelerate...

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Five Predictions for Property and Casualty Insurance in 2022

The insurance industry faced a sobering wake-up call when the pandemic exposed just how unprepared insurers’ digital capabilities were in a crisis. But, in the past two years – particularly in 2021 – the industry has accelerated its digital development, making significant leaps forward in technology investments, workforce evolution, and...

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Are MGAs’ Digital Capabilities Ready for the Distribution Revolution?

It would not be an understatement to say that Managing General Agent (MGA) and Managing General Underwriter (MGU) business has exploded in the past five years. Today, MGAs and their MGU cousins account for approximately $60 billion in premium flow, up from $25 billion in 2012.

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How P&C Insurers Can Assess Their Digital Maturity

The Strategy Meets Action Digital Maturity Model

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Why Automation in P&C Creates the Need for More Human Experts

The P&C industry has been on an automation path for many years. When the pandemic hit, it became a catalyst for accelerating automation and digital transformation. Straight-through processing, self-service portals, virtual inspections, and digital payments are just a few of the areas that insurers put a sharper focus on.

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InsureTech Connect 2021: It’s all about the people

Participating in ITC2021 was a blast! It was great to see so many people in person for the first time in a couple of years. But aside from the joy everyone was experiencing in just being together, there was a very serious undercurrent to the event.

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