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Insurance Vendors Are Upping Their Game as The Competition for Talent Heats Up

Talent has been a front and center topic in boardrooms across the U.S. amid the pandemic, widespread resignations, a labor shortage, and other trends challenging the recruitment and retention of employees. Yet, through the adversity, companies across the insurance ecosystem have adapted remarkably well, including the vendors that serve the industry.

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Digital Transformation Acceleration Relies on Core Systems

In today’s digital-first environment, insurance companies absolutely need state-of-the-art systems to support every aspect of their businesses. These core systems that support policy, billing, and claims functions have been foundational to the digital transformation of insurers and MGAs for years and continue to accelerate their transformation journeys today.

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It’s Time for Insurers to Reimagine the Digital Payment Experience

What makes a true digital payment experience in insurance? Although the past few years have been characterized by rapid digital payment options, the real game-changer has been the focus of market leaders to embrace the transformation of the actual payment experience – both for premium and claim payments.

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The Need for Proactive Digital Engagement in Insurance

Insurers shift to omni-channel operations

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Core Systems are Foundational to Digital Enablement

During 2020, there was much uncertainty in the industry on how we would move forward on the mission-critical decisions that needed to be made around core systems. There were endless discussions on how COVID-19 would impact insurers’ ability to make core buying decisions.

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Myth or Reality? Core Systems Take a Backseat to Digital Projects

I know many of you have been in insurance for quite some time. And it might really sound like an amazing statement to say: “Core systems will take a back seat to digital projects.” The other blogs in our “Myth or Reality” series have provided a lot of context and...

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Payments at the Speed of Light

What is the saying old saying? Moving faster than the speed of light? This would be the desired state for many policyholders and claimants, but it is not the current state of inbound and outbound payments processed in insurance today.

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Digital Outbound Payments: Reaching the Peak of the Summer Heat Index!

The hot temperatures of summer are kicking in around the US, and we can see that it is not just the outside temperatures that are escalating. As we take the temperature of digital transformation in the market, there is one area that is quickly rising from “warm” to “red hot.”...

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Core System Buying Patterns: Meeting the Digital Needs of Today and Tomorrow

The core system of tomorrow needs to be the backbone that will support the digital enterprise of the future.

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