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Deborah Smallwood body shot
Deborah Smallwood
Founder & CEO


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Deb Smallwood, the CEO & President of Strategy Meets Action, is widely recognized as an industry thought leader who is known for her expertise in helping companies rethink the tradition...

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Karen Furtado body shot
Karen Furtado


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Karen Furtado, a Partner at Strategy Meets Action, is a well-known authority on insurance technology and how it fuels transformation within insurance companies. Her focus is helping ins...

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Mark Breading body shot
Mark Breading


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Mark Breading, a Partner at Strategy Meets Action, is known for his insights on the future of the insurance industry and innovative uses of technology. Mark consults with insurers and t...

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Mary Ann Garwood body shot
Mary Ann Garwood



Mary Ann Garwood, a Partner at SMA, is an expert at taking complex issues and turning them into easy-to-understand options and decision points. Mary Ann’s extensive insurance background...

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Karen Pauli body shot
Karen Pauli


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Karen Pauli, Principal at SMA, has comprehensive knowledge about how technology can drive improved results, innovation, and transformation within insurance operations. Karen has worked ...

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Lis Maguda body shot
Lis Maguda
Analyst and Senior Researcher



Elisabeth (Lis) Maguda is an Analyst and Senior Researcher at SMA. She primarily supports the core systems area, contributing to a wide variety of research projects, deal trends, and cl...

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Lynn Black body shot
Lynn Black
Client Relationship Manager


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Lynn Black, Client Relationship Manager at SMA, leads critical touch points with SMA customers to ensure successful relationships. Lynn guides SMA clients to leverage the relationship t...

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Kevin Saunders body shot
Kevin Saunders
Client Engagement Manager


Kevin Saunders, Client Engagement Manager, brings a fresh perspective and energy to the full life cycle of business development, sales, and client relationship management at SMA. Kevin ...

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Jaya Gopalan
Research and Content Manager


Jayalakshmi (Jaya) Gopalan is a Research and Content Manager at SMA and supports the full cycle of SMA research methodology, contributing in the delivery of a variety of research studie...

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