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September 2018

2018Summit RehearsalThis year's SMA Summit: Transformation in Action, September 17th in Boston, was another great and thought-provoking event. Our incredible lineup of speakers inspired everyone to energize their transformation journeys.
Throughout the Summit, we kept those impacted by Hurricane Florence in our thoughts and prayers.
On behalf of all of us at SMA, I want to extend congratulations again to all the 2018 SMA Innovation in Action Winners for their outstanding accomplishments and for their great presentations.  Read more about them.
And it's time to start to plan for 2019 and our SMA Summit next year. If you are a solution provider and wish to be a part of next year's event, please contact me or Kevin Saunders at ksaunders@strategymeetsaction.com.

All the best,

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Deb Smallwood