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June 2017

InsurTech is hot in insurance and specifically in commercial lines. The trend is causing insurance executives to ask many questions like:

  • Who are these startups?
  • What are their capabilities?
  • How do they align to our business model, processes and IT stack?
  • How do they help enable our business strategies?
  • What are other insurers doing with them?

SMA has many of the answers and is advising and guiding many insurers in a variety of ways - from consulting to presentations to research.
Our latest research report, InsurTech and Commercial Lines: A Surge of Activity and New Implications, authored by Mark Breading and me - is our hottest selling and most downloaded report this year – which just confirms that everyone is thinking about what this all means. And they are wrapping their heads and plans around what to do.
Our next scheduled webinar in July, Next-Gen Commercial Lines: Innovating with Emerging Tech and InsurTech, will expand the insights from the research report and provide new intelligence around the alignment of InsurTech across the insurance value chain. Register today by clicking here.
And last – don’t forget to register for the 2017 SMA Summit: Winning With Convergence It is a perfect time to network, hear about lessons learned in innovation and transformation, and find out how insurers are progressing on this journey of change. We have sold out the past two years so be sure to register early.
We are now tracking over 1,000 InsurTechs and publishing use cases  – SMA and your advisory contract should be the first stop to help answer your questions and guide you to build the right bridges to become a Next-Gen Insurer.

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Deb Smallwood