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There is significant change happening and inside and outside insurance, and it is imperative not only to have a transformation plan but to have clarity, focus, and to make informed decisions that accelerate your journey. 

We have been tracking insurers’ transformation journeys for over ten years. Insurers have made clear progress. However, most of the transformation that has taken place within the industry so far has come from taking a traditional approach to change utilizing various initiatives: replacing core systems, creating portals, adding CRM, improving customer interactions and experiences, optimizing operations, enhancing products, expanding channels, and entering new market segments… the list goes on.

Despite the progress resulting from these efforts, the change has been incremental. 

SMA has developed the formula for a new approach that produces the exponential change necessary for real transformation. SMA’s new approach presents insurance leaders with a fantastic opportunity. Insurers can embrace change, define their future states, establish guiding principles for their transformation journeys, and launch strategic initiatives and investments from a new perspective. Your company can deliver state-of-the-art services, products, and offerings for exponential improvements in ease of doing business for all customers as well as internal and external stakeholders. 

Let us help advance your company’s transformation journey with our advisory retainer and consulting services. Give me a call, and we will explore how we can help accelerate your journey – today.

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