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April 2017

Change is the only constant in life. That phrase is most often attributed to Heraclitus from around 500 BC, but it's just as true today: we are truly in a state of constant change. What's critical to your success is managing and leveraging change and having the knowledge and ability to be both proactive and reactive.

One place we witness this ongoing change is in core systems. As Karen Furtado recently wrote in a blog: "Each insurer needs to assess how their products and services align to the shifting market and the advances they will have to make to respond to the new opportunities. We are witnessing changes that are substantial enough to advance the capabilities that insurers require in their core systems. And in the world of core systems, as in the industry at large, we need to start preparing for this new game."

So how do you prepare for the new game? You take advantage of the resources available to you.

You can start by using the tools available to you from SMA including our services, research, blogs, and webinars. And speaking of webinars, if you haven't seen When Worlds Collide: The Convergence of InsurTech with Traditional Insurance, I recommend it to both you and your coworkers.

To further that knowledge, it is also the ideal time to register and plan your trip to the 2017 SMA Summit – September 18th in Boston. To make it even easier, we've provided you with links and instructions below. Don't miss your chance to hear from industry leaders and influencers who can help you prepare for the new game ahead.

It's also important to be recognized for your accomplishments. The 2017 Innovation in Action Awards have been launched, and we are accepting applications for innovation leaders who are rethinking, reimagining, and reinventing the business of insurance. Further information, FAQs, and online applications for insurers and solution providers are available on our website.

Yes, change is constant, and the game continues to transform. But with the right resources, insights, and advice, you can not only manage it, you can use it to your advantage.

All the best,

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Deb Smallwood