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Michael Carroll

Digital Marketing Manager




Michael Carroll is SMA’s Digital Marketing Manager. With responsibility for creating and optimizing an open flow of communication between SMA and the insurance industry, Michael is focused on communicating SMA’s experience and research-based insights on business and technological advances. He is helping SMA to engage the industry in thought-provoking and actionable discussions on transformation and innovation.

"Content is still king. But with the vast amount of information available, the key is to be able to deliver it effectively. This requires conveying messages and insights in different ways to the wide variety of users that are utilizing many channels. The world of marketing is evolving rapidly, and it is exciting to be a part of all of the changes that are taking place, especially the shift to digitalization and all that it offers. I view my most important role as one that keeps SMA's clients and followers current and ahead of the curve – making sure they get the information and resources they need to be successful."

Recognized for the ability to think strategically and execute pragmatically regarding all things marketing, Michael brings a strong blend of knowledge and experience to SMA. Prior to joining SMA, Michael worked at Innovation Group in marketing, advancing content-focused marketing across the North American technology division. Michael held various positions at ACORD, working in communications and handling areas including media relations, event marketing and programming, educational webinar programming, and general marketing activities. While at ACORD, he was the creator and editor of their weekly newsletter.

Michael also has experience in marketing and communications for industries outside insurance including finance, publishing, and healthcare.

Michael is a graduate of the University of Hartford with a bachelor’s degree in Communications/Journalism.