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In a blink of an eye – the world – society – and all of humanity – are being stressed and tested at every level imaginable due to the rapid spread of COVID-19. Insurance has a history of weathering all storms. And at SMA – we are confident that we will weather this one too. Insurance is a financially strong, resilient industry, and our world needs our strength and resilience – right now, tomorrow, and every day moving forward.

With every disaster comes new clarity and experiences that create new possibilities and opportunities. SMA is confident that new ideas, approaches, and ways to accelerate and advance your digital transformation strategies and plans will naturally become clear.

SMA is committed to staying strong and is ready to assist the industry and our clients in any way we can.

We are a digital company with digital services, and we already operate in a #WFH environment. We are here to support your organization to keep momentum going, and are available to provide digital transformation advice and guidance.

Together, we will weather this storm, and we will be stronger when it is over. Stay healthy and safe.

SMA and The Digital Insurer have joined together to offer insurers an innovative and comprehensive virtual event that goes beyond the traditional webinar format –The Insights to Solutions Series.

This series brings together SMA Partners and thought leaders from the solution provider community in a virtual experience that gives insurers a clearer picture of the solution landscape and specific offerings that align to their business needs. Each event in the series will include an engaging panel discussion followed by virtual tours by each provider, showcasing their solutions with presentations, videos, demos, and an open forum Q&A.

There are three scheduled events in the Winter Series, each focused on specific digital transformation needs and gaps identified in the COVID-19 pandemic:

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