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In 2019, AI Will Step Out of the Headlines and Into Practical Solutions

December 19 2018 | Karen Pauli

For 2018, SMA’s prediction was that AI was going to be the dominant headline. And in fact, that was the case. Virtually every entity that has a place in the insurance industry found a discussion thread around AI.

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Data Prefill: Now You See It, Now You Don’t

November 29 2018 | Karen Pauli

Frequently at children’s birthday parties, a guest magician will utter the well-worn phrase “now you see it, now you don’t” – and a bouquet of flowers disappears. For many, it’s a heartwarming memory. But what does that have to do with insurance? It relates to the vast quantity of questions...

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Emerging Technologies in Commercial Lines: Vive La Difference!

October 15 2018 | Karen Pauli

Historically, technology adoption within commercial lines organizations has been met with a wall of push-back, largely related to commercial lines being wrapped in a cloak of “art versus science” thinking. Because of risk and product complexity, commercial lines organizations believed that only highly trained and seasoned humans could be involved...

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Claims is a People Business: The New Definition

September 11 2018 | Karen Pauli

Claims is a people business – virtually every claims executive I have ever met believes this. If you have ever been in a vehicle accident, experienced damage to your home or business, or been injured in a work-related incident, one of the first things that comes to mind is: I...

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Getting Under the Covers of Today’s P&C Digital Distribution Response

July 31 2018 | Karen Pauli

Today, the discussions around insurance distribution channels are in perpetual motion – everyone has an opinion as to where it’s going. But where is it today? What has changed? What hasn’t? And where are the investment dollars going? These are great questions, and most insurance professionals are interested in the answers.

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Can You Guess Who is Really Disrupting Insurance?

July 25 2018 | Karen Pauli

In a recent SMA blog, Karen Furtado, SMA partner, posed this question: “Have you ever found yourself hearing a word so frequently that it begins to lose its meaning?” (In that specific instance, the word she was referring to was “transformation.”) But, I think that everyone who reads that question...

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To Be InsurTech or Not to Be InsurTech – Is No Longer the Question

May 24 2018 | Karen Pauli

It is probably a bit presumptuous to liken the InsurTech startup movement to Hamlet’s famous “To Be or Not to Be” soliloquy. It is, after all, a well-known and historical Shakespearean reference. However, the similarity is in the questions asked, and such a question has probably been asked prior to...

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Three Ways L&A Insurers Are Smarter Than P&C Insurers

April 03 2018 | Karen Pauli

In many quarters, the above title could be fighting words! Since I can’t even watch an Olympic boxing match, much less an all-out fight, let me explain.

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Agents and Brokers are Dead: Wait - Not So Fast!

January 23 2018 | Karen Pauli

For the past several years, a significant number of individuals and new-breed companies have emphatically stated that independent agents and brokers are dead. They don’t serve the needs of today’s consumers. They are behind the times from a technology standpoint. They are difficult to deal with.

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Life Isn’t a Bowl of Cherries – It’s Customer Analytics

October 09 2017 | Karen Pauli

In 1931, Ethel Merman sang a song titled “Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries.” The phrase “life is a bowl of cherries” carried on – meaning that life is carefree. The L&A industry certainly can’t adopt this phrase because generating profit and growth has been significantly challenging since the...

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