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In 2019, AI Will Step Out of the Headlines and Into Practical Solutions

December 19 2018 | Karen Pauli

For 2018, SMA’s prediction was that AI was going to be the dominant headline. And in fact, that was the case. Virtually every entity that has a place in the insurance industry found a discussion thread around AI.

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In 2019, We will Expect More of the “New” in Insurance

December 18 2018 | Mark Breading

The insurance industry is in the midst of a renaissance with new types of activities and developments around every corner. There are new entrants, new partnerships, new business models, new investments, and new products being revealed to the market on a daily basis.

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2019 Will Be the Year of the Agile Mandate

December 13 2018 | Karen Furtado

In 2018, insurers transformed in many ways, with wide spread progress being made in the areas of innovation. We have seen a collaborative mindset resulting in the conjoinment of the rich expertise of incumbent technology with the speed and agility associated with InsurTechs.

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2019 Will Be the Year That Customer Experience Meets Digital Transformation

December 12 2018 | Deb Smallwood

The one prediction that will hold true for 2019 is that it will be the year that Customer Experience Meets Digital Transformation.

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A Provocative View on the Future of P&C Claims

December 05 2018 | Mark Breading

Property/casualty claims is destined to transform more than any other area of the insurance business over the next decade.

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Data Prefill: Now You See It, Now You Don’t

November 29 2018 | Karen Pauli

Frequently at children’s birthday parties, a guest magician will utter the well-worn phrase “now you see it, now you don’t” – and a bouquet of flowers disappears. For many, it’s a heartwarming memory. But what does that have to do with insurance? It relates to the vast quantity of questions...

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Broad Implications, Significant Activity for Emerging Tech in Personal Lines

October 31 2018 | Mark Breading

Personal lines insurers are actively investigating emerging technologies and developing strategies and plans related to individual new technologies. Technology is advancing so rapidly that it is even difficult to define what should be considered an emerging technology.

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Quest for the Holy Grail – Data and Analytics Driving New User Experiences in Workers’ Comp

October 23 2018 | Karen Furtado

Quotes from only five data points, or even fewer? Name your number, and you can find an insurer looking to transform the sales experience to match. We have seen a great deal of this momentum in personal lines with increasing attention in small commercial lines.

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New Entrants in Insurance: Industry Transformation Accelerates

October 18 2018 | Mark Breading

New entrants seem to be coming out of the woodwork in insurance. And it is not necessarily a bad thing. The InsurTech movement, the advance of emerging technologies, and the appetite of the global tech titans are all contributing to new entrants, new partnerships, and new business models.

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Emerging Technologies in Commercial Lines: Vive La Difference!

October 15 2018 | Karen Pauli

Historically, technology adoption within commercial lines organizations has been met with a wall of push-back, largely related to commercial lines being wrapped in a cloak of “art versus science” thinking. Because of risk and product complexity, commercial lines organizations believed that only highly trained and seasoned humans could be involved...

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